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claire's nft collection
Katrina shows Grandma Claire how to utilize her art collection and make a profit with the help of Uncle Dre. 
Semiyah's Crypto wallet
Follow Semiyah as she discovers a new and improved way to collect money for her school's fundraiser. 
robert's real estate game
Robert is discouraged at school while playing a board game with his friends, until he finds out that his Uncle Dre can coach him in real life. 
habibah's financial journey
After winning 3 Spelling Tournaments in a row, Habibah is challenged when she enters to compete for her 4th tournament because This year's theme is financial terms. 
jasiah's money adventure
Jasiah is confused about where money comes from. Luckily, his Uncle Dre picks him up from school and gives a history lesson on money. 
kessai fixes credit
After seeing his mother disappointed from a First Time Home Buying Seminar, Kessai invites Uncle Dre over to show his family how to overcome Credit. 
haylee explores her roots
Upset and disappointed from her Social Studies Class, Hayleer reaches out to Uncle Dre to teach her families history prior to slavery. 
nate and matt's college account
Nate and Matt wake up to a big suprised after finding out that all the gifts that they received for their birthdays are gifts towards their college education. Tax Free.
nevaeh's wealthy insurance policy
Nevaeh learns the importance and significance of life insurance and how it can be used to create generational wealth. 
timmy talks taxes
Confused on taxes work, Uncle Dre shows Timmy the ins and outs of taxes and how they can apply to his small business. 
tor's options strategy
Learning the stock market and different strategies can be confusing. Luckily, Tor has Uncle Dre to call on and teach him the fundamentals of Stock Options. 
willie and derene wholesale investing
Uncle Dre teaches Willie and Derene the ins and outs of Investing in Real Estate using the wholesaling method. 
chase and noah's s.t.e.m program
Chase and Noah are excited to be accepted to their state's new S.T.E.M program, but they have no idea what to expect. Read along, as Uncle Dre coaches the twins. 
kingston's trucking empire
After taking a road trip with his family and constantly seeing trucks on the road, Kingston takes an interesting in the business of trucking. 
Leah's online store
When stuck trying on how to make extra money,  Leah discovers the business of E-Commerce with the help of Uncle Dre. 
lake's constructioin crew
When building his first tree house, Uncle Dre shows Lake the same process he takes to establish and maintain his real estate team. 
christopher charts the market
Scared and Nervous from an International Flight, Christopher learns from Uncle Dre how to utilize charts when looking at the Stock Market
mary's mental re-charge
Mary is overwhelmed at school, and with the advise of Uncle Dre, her parents agree to take Mary out of school for a "Mental Reset" Day. 


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