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The Leading Platform For Educating Children On Financial Wealth
Natalia's Garden Of Life
"Come to the Garden of Life with me. 
Magic is near and there is more adventures to see..

Let's care for the Garden, 
and Health of our little and young children...

Let's keep them full of life, 
By giving them suitable nutrittiion."
Jasiah's Money Adventure
How can we, in this interesting world, teach children to be great? 

Follow Jasiah, as he speaks with this his Uncle Dre about all of the above and together they spread knowledge,  and love.

It all started in the backyard behind Uncle Dre's gate. 

Come along and join the fun new educational adventures here await!
Daveon Makes Sense Of Saving Cents
     Yes, Managing finances is tough
    But nOt impossible
            kNow your plan
    And kEep refining it
Believe You can do it !

This books is hopes and schemes. 
To help you save for all your dreams.
Shifting The Culture foward
Never has it been more expensive to not be financially literate 
Understanding basic financial concepts and discipline is no longer a necessity but a need.

Children To Wealth helps bring those financial terms and values to every household in a way that kids and adults can quickly understand. 
Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See What Others Have To Say About Their Experience!

"Definitely Needed For The Culture."

- Lil Durk

"The Sooner We Learn The Concepts On Money, The Sooner We Can Begin To Create Wealth For Ourselves."

-MoneyBagg Yo

"Giving Our Young Ones The Tools And Education That They Need To Excel And Take This Game To The Next Level Is A Must."

- Derrick Grace II

"Love The Books... Just What Our Kids Need."

- Marcus "Him500" Barney

"This Is A Heavy Hitter."

- Trey "SPERGO" Brown

"Glad Our Kids Have The Tools To Learn What Many Of Us Didn't, Financial Literacy."

- Tobias Truvillion

"It's Never Too Early To Begin Teaching Our Children The Fundamentals Of Money."

- Fat Boy SEE

"Finally, The Financial Tools Our Kids Need."

- Samantha Collins
Why Children to Wealth?
Benefits & Results
Children To Wealth books are perfect for families, whether you're an expert or starting out, you will benefit from the high amount of information this book contains and see a difference in your financial life. 

Our books contain high levels of value, which help create the foundation of wealth. 
  • Benefit #1: Learn The History Of Money.
  • Benefit #2: Only Proven Methods And Fundamentals
  • ​Benefit #3: Fun An Easy Learning
  • ​​Benefit #4: 100% What You Were Not Taught In School.
  • Benefit #5: Enhance Your Financial Ability 
When you get 3 Books from
The Uncle Dre Club Today,
We'll Throw In Kessai Fixes Credit and Haylee Explores Her Roots FREE!

The Perfect Start For Your 

Financial Freedom Journey

Being Financially literate, means the ability to understand and apply various financial skills, including personal financial management.

This includes standard business terms like assets, profits, debt, liabilities, as well as understanding what drives these numbers and implications that they may have for every day life.

The problem is that MOST families are not financially literate. 

Children To Wealth is here to solve that by providing a series of children financial illustration books and activity workbooks.

Begin your family's journey towards financial freedom today!
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